Spotify Promotion, Buy Spotify Plays & Followers!

Spotify Promotion, Buy Spotify Plays & Followers!
Spotify Promotion, Buy Spotify Plays & Followers! 2017-11-26T19:17:46+00:00

SpotifyPR is a portal offering promotional services for Spotify, enhancing the visibility of your artist profile, track or playlist.

With SpotifyPR you can choose various packages that meets your needs. You can buy Spotify Followers from 100 to 5000+ followers, however, if you need more, you can write to Us through our Contact Form.

The followers are real, quest means that they will increase engagement with your work!

SpotifyPR also allows you to buy Spotify playlist followers. In this way, you can become an important voice in music promotion, and others artists will look at You like a big channel!

There are no other online and genuine services out there that allows you to buy Spotify followers at such a right price.



As soon as you have placed order we start promotion of your track/profile through our network and marketing techniques. You will start to see results within hours of placing order.


You will have your 100% money back right away if you are not satisfied with us in any way. Just fill the contact form and we will refund your money back. No question asked.


We are very keen to solve any queries of our customers. If you had any problem or want some change, our team is 24/7 active to assist you. You will get your questions answered within minutes.


We do not require your password or any other log in details. Just Give us your profile and the rest is taken care of. We only do promotion and do not require any other details.

SpotifyPR is a service that allows you to promote your Spotify profile, track or playlist, so that you can have a powerful voice among the Spotify community and music enthusiasts.

Music is accompanying us everywhere we go. We are so hooked on it, that we listen to our favourite songs whatever we do. Commuting, driving a car, exercising, and sometimes even when we are focusing, we listen to something easy.

Smartphones connected to the internet has changed the way we listen to the music. If in the past we needed to have a physical copy of an album or song to be able to listen to it, now we can use a streaming service that can play almost any song in the world. One of the best music streaming service, with the largest user base is Spotify. Spotify has revolutionized the way we listen to the music. Offering one of the biggest catalog of music, it is no wonder why so many people are using it. For a musician, it is not very complicated to make their songs available on Spotify, but to earn a pool of followers can be quite problematic.

Followers on Spotify are not just fans or regular listeners to those particular songs, they are the carrier of your music to other people, as they will promote the songs, or put them at parties where are other people will discover the songs.

But how can you increase your followers number?

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