Gold (1.000.000 Plays)

//Gold (1.000.000 Plays)
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Gold (1.000.000 Plays)

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  • 1.000.000+ Plays
  • High Engagement on playlists

We promote the songs though our affiliates network, reaching more than 80,000 different users from all around the globe. This results in a faster delivery speed of spotify plays and a completely ban-free service. Be aware that other tools could be dangerous!

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SpotifyPR has a large network of partners and can deliver up to 100,000 plays per track per day. Because of our large outreach, we can guarantee a maximum number of unique players for your tracks. People who will play the tracks are totally random. Plays cannot be targeted to specific profiles, demographics or locations.

All plays are guaranteed to be delivered. If all plays cannot be delivered within the requested period, the remainder will continue to be delivered after the period ends. Each track will receive at least the requested number of plays or more.

How can I get the Spotify URL for my track?
You just need to click on the vertical ellipsis button next to the track and select “Copy Spotify URI” or “Copy Track Link”. We can work on both versions of the link. Check the following image how to do that:

How to find track url


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